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Palos Verdes Algebra Tutor, Rolling Hills Calculus AP Tutor, Redondo beach Statistics Tutor, PV math and science Spanish Tutor Lessons In Home. SPecial Needs Palos Verdes Tutor ADHD, Palos Verdes In Home Spansh English Geometry Calculus Tutor Lessons.


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    Why PV Tutor?

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  • Rates:$45 to $60 per hour; AP classes as well as advanced math, science, and Spanish classes 60 per hour. Grade and middle school tutoring less. For private lessons with Joseph please email or call for a quote.
  • Common Core Expertise The common core material is well known by our tutors.
  • Knowledge of Palos Verdes School District Curricula: We do in home tutoring in Palos Verdes and Torrance and usually come across similar books and teachers. As each teacher is unique we have good knowledge of what it takes to do well with various teachers. If we are not familiar with one of the teachers we will work to become so.
  • Pay as you go We do not require that you purchase a bulk of lessons.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: You'll be happy with your tutor or its free: If you aren't 100% happy with your instructor you'll get a full refund.

Welcome to PV Tutor. We cover most K-12 subjects and test prep for Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills Estates, Torrance, and Redondo Beach. One on one lessons will take place at your home or at a location of your choosing such as the library. Our instructors have excellent knowledge of the courses they tutor and great explanation skills. Their personalities and explanation skills were key reasons they were chosen to be part of this network. Consistent positive feedback is the reason they remain in the network. An interesting instructor can actually make an hour of math a fun experience with positive encouragement, as well as knowing when to step in to help and when to stay back and allow the student to figure things out without interruption.

We also do test prep for such tests as the ACT and SAT. Test prep for younger students taking the ISEE and other tests is also available. Our tutors are proficient with the new SAT that began in 2016 as well as the ACT.

Joseph and Paulina are excellent with special needs students, those with ADHD, and issues such as test anxiety. They also help those who may learn in different ways. Each is excellent at finding the way to get through to a student and to find the unique way that they process information. Joseph usually works with middle school and high school/college students for math, English, and various other courses, while Paulina works with K-8th grade students for all subjects. These students have a range of issues including ADHD, anxiety, autistic spectrum, alternative learning patterns, and processing issues. With "different learners" the right instructor is key. The potential with these students is often underestimated because they often have trouble understanding their teachers. This can lead to a lack of confidence in some cases. Paulina's profile is currently on our sister site

Profiles of the instructors can be seen linked to the left side of this web page.

We now have calculus AP and physics AP tutors in Palos Verdes. Our tutors also cover Physics AP, honors, and regular. College classes for these courses are also covered by our elite team of educators.

My name is Joseph Tillotson. I began tutoring in 2004 at Marymount University in Palos Verdes. The students I worked with were mostly special needs students for math. I enjoyed helping them to become more confident and successful with their math classes. I found that many students were lacking confidence, and that once confidence was re-established progress and increased study time often followed. I seek out those tutors who are excellent in their ability to connect with and inspire students.

**More on SAT/ACT**: Aisha and Sahar both have extensive training by top level prep companies such as the Princeton Review; and each has several years of experience. Both are familiar with the new SAT which came out in 2016. Each has several years of experience teaching both tests in a one on one environment. Rates for both are $50 per hour.

Joseph is currently available for Statistics AP tutor lessons in Palos Verdes. He has the book used by PV schools and is familiar with the local curricula. He can help prepare students for the AP exam. He can also help students become proficient with their calculators for this class. He also tutors honors and regular for algebra, pre-calculus, trigonometry, and geometry.

Cities and subjects follow....

    We now tutor Statistics AP in Torrance and Redondo Beach & Palos Verdes areas. Our instructors will go to the cities of Torrance, Redondo & Manhattan Beach, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula for tutoring lessons.

    • Basic Math
    • Pre-Algebra
    • Algebra
    • Algebra 2
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Calculus

    • Basic Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics

    • Grammar
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Essay Writing
    • Term papers
    • all English courses from K-12

    • Homework Assistance
    • Study Skills
    • Organization
    • Spanish
    • French
    • SAT test prep
    • ACT test prep
    • CBEST Test prep
    • TOEFL Test Prep

    Cities covered: We will come to your home to tutor math, science, chemistry, Spanish, and virtually all other K-12 courses as well as test prep in the following cities.

    • Palos Verdes
    • Torrance
    • Redondo Beach
    • Manhattan Beach
    • Los Angeles
    • South Bay
    • Hermosa Beach
    • El Segundo
    • Marina Del Rey
    • Long Beach
    • Beverly Hills
    • Brentwood
    • Harbor City
    • Lomita
    • Carson
    • Playa Del Rey
    • West LA

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    Phone: 310-720-0174